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Natural Hair and Microlocs

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Brooklyn • Est. 2009


Do you seek loving, indulgent, healthy hair care from kind and professional hands? Extensive professional experience and dedication has gone into perfecting our craft. Let us help you achieve your dream of exquisitely refined Microlocs, Interlocs and Natural Hair.
They said
I started my microlocs about 2014. I was searching for an alternative to wearing weaves or relaxers and I met Jessyca at a hair show. I thought her locs were impeccable and I thought they were beautiful, they were the most beautiful thing I had seen in a long time so I thought “I want my hair like that” and I spoke to her and she told me she was a certified Microloc technician. I made an appointment with her and it was years that passed but then I found Jessyca again and I decided to get Microlocs. In doing so during my journey there have been a lot of highs. Jessyca is a great loctician. She is very personable. I use her products as well. One of them is the Scalp Stimulating Hair Growth Formula, which I love. I started to have a little thinning in the hairline due to stress and other reasons. I started using it and it worked wonders. It really has helped enhance not only the fullness of my hair and I really am enjoying my hair now.
Sheila B. ● Queens, NY
I started my locs back in February, 2014. I found Jessyca on the Youtube channel where I was looking for someone to do my locs. I wasn’t sure what type of locs I wanted, but after looking at numerous videos from Jessyca’s site, I decided to go with Jessyca. It is coming up on 3 years that I have been locked and I am loving it!
Audra W. ● Westchester, NY
I was referred to Jessyca by a friend and she’s been locking my hair since March of 2011…When I first met Jessyca I loved her energy, I loved her space and I loved her explanation and all of the details she gave me about Microlocs. Immediately after that I was trained by Jessyca to do my own hair so I only see now her about once or twice a year for maintenance, mostly for grooming, but it’s been a wonderful journey. I absolutely love my hair. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.
Toni, P. ● Jersey City, New Jersey
Hello Naturals! I have loved Naturally Beautiful Hair Care products since I discovered them in 2013. My favorites are the Moisture Mist and the Scalp Stimulating Hair Growth Formula. All of the products smell great, especially when you are close to that special someone. 🙂 The Moisture Mist keeps my hair hydrated in all seasons, the small spray bottle giving just enough moisture. Not too dry and not too wet. The Scalp Growth Formula I use mainly for shine and its alluring scent. Run, don't walk to get these products. You won't regret it!
Adriane R. ● New York, NY
I’ve been using the Scalp Stimulating Hair Growth Formula…now my hair is growing…it took away all of my dryness. My hair was very dry, now the brittleness is all gone. I’ve searched for other products but since I’ve gotten this product I am so happy. I highly recommend
Karen H. ● North Brunswick, NJ
Brooklyn • Est. 2009


Clients deserve top of the line skills and services. Highly skilled and trained professionals attract and keep the best clients. Together they make a beautiful relationship. We’d like to be your matchmaker.

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  • Hair Consultation

    Hair​ ​​assessment with price quote. Online / In-Person
  • Microloc/Interloc​ ​Re-tightening

    $35 - $75/hr
    Re-tightening​ ​of​ ​​ ​locs​ ​new​ ​growth​ ​using​ ​​ ​inter-woven​ ​loc​ ​method​ ​and​ ​tool​
  • Loc​ ​Repair and Reattachment

    Repair​ ​of​ ​holes​ and ​bunching. Includes​ ​loc splitting,​ ​combining,​ ​strengthening and reattachment
  • Loc Grooming

    $35 - $75/hr
    Trimming,​ ​removing​ ​excess​ ​hair and​ ​lint,​ ​and​ ​loc refinement
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